About me and this blog

On paper, I have dual British and Canadian citizenship, but I have spent more of my life living and working in Asia than I have in either Canada or the UK. I am presently an English teacher at Han Academy, a bilingual school in Hong Kong. My wife (who is Chinese) and I are working hard to raise our kids to be bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural

This blog discusses issues relating to language, teaching, literacy, bilingualism, and education. There are some practical posts but I tend to lean theoretical and explorative. At its core might be my efforts to tease out the paradox of identity and the challenges of distinguishing partness versus wholeness. Read this post for a reflection and a summary of my blogging journey.

Please feel free to comment on any of my posts. You can also contact me through Twitter @grahamwnoble or the form below.

Why the pictures?

I only recently discovered that not everyone thinks visually, and it seems that some people actually see words when they’re thinking. Well, I’ve never seen a word in my mind’s eye! And so it may be because of my visually-oriented way of thinking that I love photography. I can’t help sneaking in some of my photos to serve as visual metaphors for the various blog posts. All photos, unless otherwise noted, were taken by me and are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.